The Hive


The Hive aims to better integrate immigrant entrepreneurs and to promote cultural diversity in the local business community while contributing to the economic and social development of Northwestern New Brunswick.

The Hive is primarily for business immigrants but some of our programs are also accessible to local entrepreneurs.

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The 5 Hive Components:

1. Capacity building

Entrepreneurship training is offered to immigrants. This session includes practical information on entrepreneurship and how to do business here in New Brunswick. In addition, other training sessions on specific business related topics are also available.

For immigrants only

2. Mentorship

Immigrant entrepreneurs are paired with experienced entrepreneurs with whom they can share and learn. There are two forms of mentoring available: traditional mentor-mentee matching or speed mentorship, which provides access to several experienced mentors.


For immigrants only

3. Business Accelerator

The Hive welcomes business projects for a period of 6 months to jumstart the start-up of their business. Hive occupants benefit from a fully equipped office space, a personalized acceleration and follow-up plan, support from consultants and coaches (accountants, tax specialists, marketing, business plan, lawyers, etc.) and other business training sessions.

For immigrant, youth and new entrepreneurs

4. Networking

To facilitate integration into the local business community, Hive participants are invited to participate in various networking events.

5. Business Attraction

The Hive welcomes exploratory visits for immigrant entrepreneurs and provides a listing of business opportunities available in the region – Businesses for sale or in need of succession. To plan your exploratory visit or discover local business opportunities, send us an email.


Edmundston Hive
Chamber of Commerce of Edmundston Region
104, Church Street
Edmundston, NB
E3V 1J8

+1 506-737-9604
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The Hive is a regional initiative (Northwestern New Brunswick) coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce of Edmundston Region, funded by the New Brunswick government and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), and supported by chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, immigrant and youth support services, and the private sector.