Cathy Pelletier

Executive Director

(506) 737-1877

Executive Director of Edmundston Region Chamber of Commerce, Cathy Pelletier served as Executive Director of the Haut-Madawaska Chamber of Commerce for 5 years. She also held various positions for 10 years with UNI Financial Cooperation and UNI Enterprises mainly within the commercial department. Originally from Haut-Madawaska region, she also studied at the CCNB campus of Edmundston in Food and Service Beverages.

Cathy is responsible for directing all activities of the Chamber of Commerce. She plans, organizes, directs, controls and evaluates the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and sees to their sound management. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, she gives the guidelines of the Chamber of Commerce to regard the economic, commercial and sustainable development of the region and contributes to the creation of partnerships.

Manon Thibodeau

Deputy Director

(506) 737-1868

The Deputy Director of the Edmundston Region Chamber of Commerce, Manon Thibodeau has always evolved in the business world. She studied at the University of Ottawa and eventually change to the small and medium business sector at CCNB-Edmundston.

Having worked in management, sales and customer services, she is passionate about the richness, the professional career and the ability of humans to pursue their dreams in business management by having the chance to meet these people.

During her professional career, she has had the opportunity to sit on various committees. Manon is responsible for coordinating various CCE events and is responsible for supporting the Executive Director in her duties.

Josée Daigle

Administrative assistant

(506) 737-1866

Josée Daigle has been the administrative assistant at the Edmundston Region Chamber of Commerce since December 2019. She has a number of administrative knowledge who has completed her course at CCNB campus of Edmundston and has worked as a substitute in various areas of the region. In particular, she also did an internship with the Haut-Madawaska Chamber of Commerce in 2015, which allowed her to acquire knowledge in relation to the Chambers of Commerce.

She also studied as a hairstylist and this allowed her to develop her sense of listening, her ability to establish very good relationships and good communication with people.