Emploihabilité Plus

EMPLOIHABILITÉ Plus is a specialized employment assistance service for customers having important barriers to employment. To benefit from our services, clients must be referred by the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour or the Department of Social Development. They must also be part of the following categories: person with a disability, mental health problems, offenders and young offenders, visible minorities, newcomers, Aboriginal people, older workers or workers who have been unemployed for a prolonged period. Note: no service can be offered without a reference from one of the two government departments.

Roxanne Lagacé Lang

Work Placement Counselor

(506) 737-1876

Passionate about helping relationships, this woman combines events and community implications in various settings. His involvement ranges from classical music, to people with special needs, to the LGBTQ2 + community.

Originally from Haut-Madawaska, Clair district, Roxanne holds a bachelor's degree in individualized study from the University de Moncton in the fields of psychology, philosophy and sociology. Stingy with learning, she studied psychology at Laval University in addition to being certified as an AFE facilitator and Access Bars practitioner.

Being close to people is an aspect of Roxanne's personality, which promotes contact with the business community in the area served by Emploihabilité Plus. His active listening allows him to target the needs of customers to allow them to flourish to the greatest of their ability. Roxanne has been part of the Emploihabilité Plus team since 2018.