Retiree Employment Agency

The Retiree Employment Agency was established at the beginning of 2021 to respond to the growing demand for human resources in our region.

The Agency facilitates the liaison between retirees over 50 who wish to return to the workforce and employers who have a need for temporary workers. This bilingual service is offered in Northwestern New Brunswick.

Marco Ruest

Pairing Retiree Officer

(506) 737-1868

Raised in Saint-Joseph, Marco is a motorcycle and camping enthusiast and a very skilled musician.
He is known as everyone's friend.

Active in the labor market since his adolescence, his professional beginnings were linked to computer science given his various college training in the field. Quickly, his employers saw in him leadership qualities as well as great facilitator skills. For 20 years, he had the opportunity to accompany people on their journey back to work. Some of the positions he held include On-the-Job Instructor, Assistive Technology Trainer, and Manager (store, operations and inventory).

Stopping at nothing, he has taken multiple certified courses relating to human resources, IT, sales services and facilitator training, etc.

He now holds the position of Pairing Retiree Officer with the Retiree Employment Agency.


The agency is a regional initiative (Northwestern New Brunswick) coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce of Edmundston Region, funded by the New Brunswick government.