The Chamber of Commerce of Edmundston Region (CCE) is pleased to welcome you to its website. Enjoy your visit!

The CCE is a dynamic organization with a diverse, active and engaged membership that includes close to 400 businesses, organizations and individual members. Our objectives and actions are always in line with the needs of our members and our vision is at the forefront of the possibilities and challenges faced by our community. The Edmundston Region Chamber of Commerce is focused on the future, but also has a solid historical foundation and an excellent reputation on which our members and our community can always count to propel them forward and seize the business opportunities that are available to them! Founded in 1907, we are one of the oldest chambers of commerce in New Brunswick, in addition to being the largest Francophone chamber of commerce in the province.

The CCE is also an impressive network of local, provincial, national and international businesses! Through our activities and initiatives, we provide a constant connection between our members and our community. We are always on the lookout for potential business relationships to be identified and developed for our members. Being a member of a chamber of commerce also means being part of an important network of business associations through our affiliations with the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the International Chamber of Commerce that brings together chambers of commerce from around the world.

If you are a member, find out more about our future activities and follow us on the different social media networks.

If you are not already a member, consider all the benefits of being a member of our Chamber and join us as soon as possible… because with the CCE, it’s always a good time to do business!

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L’Agence facilite la liaison entre les personnes à la retraite de plus de 50 ans qui désirent faire un retour sur le marché du travail et les employeurs qui ont un besoin de main-d’œuvre temporaire.…
Lancement du Programme de crédit pour les secteurs très touchés (PCSTT)
La Chambre de commerce de la région d’Edmundston accepte les demandes d’emploi pour combler le poste de : Conseiller(ère) au travail et soutien à l’emploi pour le service Emploihabilité Plus
La réouverture graduelle de l'hôtel de ville d'Edmundston au public commence dès demain, le mardi 19 mai à 8 h 30.